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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Kicking Acne's Butt with Courthouse Clinics: THE BEFORE & AFTER!

BEFORE: 23rd January 2014

What seems like yesterday, I shared something pretty damn personal – my naked face and the acne that covered it. Putting myself out there, with one of my biggest insecurities exposed was a big deal for me. Any girl or guy that has suffered with acne, no matter how severe, will understand that letting people see you at your most vulnerable is no easy feat. But the response and support I received after beginning my journey with Courthouse Clinics was insane – you are the inspiring ones, that make everything worth it’s while.
And here we are 4 months later, treatment completed and results at the ready. And as I sat down to take the ‘after’ pictures, I felt sick. What if the world hated my face, even though I was so happy with it? What if this was a bad idea and I’d be better off wearing a little bit of makeup to cover up those remaining imperfections?

But I took them, because that’s what you do when you commit to something…

AFTER: 3rd June 2014
All photo's are taken with natural lighting and are NOT edited - no makeup was worn in either set.

So, there I am, makeup free and for the first time ever, I looked at my bear face on a computer screen and smiled. Regardless of whether my skin looks perfect to the rest of the world, the journey I have travelled to get to today makes me happier than anyone else’s point of view.
To see no spots, be oil free and have minimal scarring is something I could’ve only dreamed of last year. No more waking up with a face so sore I cried, or fighting the urge to cake my face with high coverage foundations. A few weeks ago I rolled over in the morning and the first thing Daniel said to me was ‘have you got makeup on?! Your skin looks so clear’ – No, no I haven’t *does happy dance with smug face*
There is no price you can put on confidence, feeling comfortable in your own skin will never be overrated Tweet this

 8 sessions of Priori AHA Peels and Omnilux Light Therapy over an 8 week period are the reason I’m so darn happy. Courthouse Clinics came in to my life when I needed them most, as if somehow the universe just knew I needed a helping hand. They’ve been absolutely incredible from beginning to end – from initial contact arranging my free consultation to booking in my 8 treatments with complete flexibility. The Birmingham clinic ladies were so friendly and full to the brim with information. There was never a promise that at the end of my treatments my skin would be acne or scar free, just that it would be greatly improved – remember, this isn’t an invasive treatment (and it's pain free!). The way the Omnilux and Peels work is that that they continue to penetrate under the skins surface weeks after they’re applied, meaning results aren’t instant and even after your final treatment it can still be a month or two before the results become more apparent - for me it's been 2 months of treatment and 2 months post treatment to get to this stage.

What you need to remember is that your skincare routine will also play a huge part in this treatment becoming a success. On my free consultation, my consultant advised what products she thought would be best for my skin and since that day I’ve pretty much used nothing else. They’re the only skincare products I’ve found that my skin doesn’t become immune to after a few months use, not to mention that they’re reasonably affordable, meaning maintaining it won’t be an issue. 

Now, every day I wear a mineral foundation to work and can reach for dewy, lightweight foundations for evenings out. Saving your skin may not be cheap but it’s certainly worth the investment, non?
Who doesn't want to look in the mirror everyday and think: 'GOD DAMN I LOOK GOOD?!' Tweet this

I know I do - I mean selling a few items from my wardrobe and taking advantage of Courthouse’s payment plan would mean I could enjoy this treatment all over again and I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Don’t be scared of taking that step, because I swear I'm a new woman - and feeling like you can take on the world with your confidence is a force to be reckoned with. 

To find out more about Courthouse and the treatments they offer click here.
To read my full story, follow these links: 
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ZeebLikesIt said...

Your skin looks fantastic!! I suffer from acne too and have done for the last 10 years, even though I'm only 20! I just haven't felt comfortable putting my face onto my blog purely because I hate photos of myself! I'm so glad you've found a solution that works for you. I'd love to give this a go, but I'm just not earning the money at the moment. :(


Maddy said...

Such an incredible story, your skin looks amazing! x

Katia Audrey said...

Just lovely! I loved your after photos, no need to be covered with makeup all the time! Enjoy your new skin :)

beautysplash75 said...

This was an amazing read and your skin looks incredible now! Can't believe that is your bare face, it looks so fantastic. I have friends who have had similar problems to you with acne and I will definitely be recommending this treatment to them.

Sorcha M. said...

Wow, what an incredible improvement. You must be thrilled! I've just started to suffer with some mild acne and it's great to know if it gets any worse there's a treatment out there that could really help!

Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

Emily said...

Oh wow the difference is amazing!

Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


Carly Jade said...

Your skin looks amazing! Such a massive difference compared to what it was, I'll be recommending this to my sister who has similar skin to your before at the moment! And I might even work out which skincare suits me most for a couple of cheeky purchases...

Did the clinics just recommend products and treatments? Was it advised to change anything diet/routine wise?


Megan Beth said...

Hey Nicky! Thank you so much :-) Sorry to hear you're suffering too :-( I know it seems a lot of money, but perhaps go for a consultation, and they can recommend you some skincare products you can take home, see if that helps? xxx

Kerry Dyer said...

It looks amazing! Well done :) X

Megan Beth said...

Hello Carly, thank you so much! I hope your sister gets on as well as I have if she ends up going :-)

They recommended my products and course of treatment, but went through a really long questionnaire working out my lifestyle, right through from diet to medication. It turned out I had a hormone imbalance which helped settle my breakouts, something I would've never known had they not told me!
Nothing diet wise, they obviously pointed out that drinking more water helps and to stay away from too much junk, but it's not the route of acne, just helps feed it!

Hope that helps :-) xxx

Carly Jade said...

Thanks for your super fast reply! I'll definitely be looking into it! So pleased your finally loving your skin! x

Mimmi said...

Your skin looks amazing! I'm so happy for you that the treatment worked so well. It must feel great! And you're so brave and such an inspiration for sharing all this :)

Madeleine S-B said...

Your skin looks amazing, it's so clear and your skintone is so even! So happy this has worked for you :D x


Katie Z said...

Looking amazing!!

Katie Loves | UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

BlogLovin' : Katie Loves

Chloe Norton said...

WOW amazing results, your skin looks great x

Megan Lillie said...

I am so proud of you for doing this Megs, not many people have the balls to put their insecurities online. You look absolutely incredible, and your confidence is just blooming. Mwah.

Megan xo
Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

Alice Young said...

Your skin looks so lovely, that course worked so well! I've suffered with acne for years and it's finally cleared up but I'm left with lots of scars, your lucky you weren't left with any! Xx

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

BohoRush said...

Congratulations! My acne problem started around the time I started university back in September 2013. My skin has it's on and off days where it either looks like it's healing or just forming a new spot mountains all over my face. It really gets my self-esteem down sometimes and I completely understand when you say there is no price you can put on confidence.

Glad it worked out for you! xx


Sara Chergui said...

Your skin looks so good now ! Congrats !!

Sarah Nunn said...

So happy for you Meg, you look absolutely beautiful before and after. So glad you're feeling happier in your own skin now xxx

Caroline said...

your skin looks amazing! it doesn't look like theres much scarring either. these treatments must really work! xx

Johanna said...

Your skin looks amazing now! Although the lighting does make a bit of a difference (sorry, that's my inner photographer breaking out!), but it is clear to see how much happier and confident you look. Well done, you! My skin has decided we need to revisit highschool right now, which, let's face it: FUCK NO. But I'm hoping that once the semester is done, it will calm itself down again. If I lived in England, I would def be checking this out, though.
Again, congrats on your "new" skin! xx

itsChelsea said...

This is such an inspiring post, it's definitely not easy to bare your face on the internet world with no make up on, hats off to you! Your skin looks absolutely amazing, no more foundation for you now! The money you save on foundations can now go towards other makeup items ;-) this post has really made me happy!

www.itschelsea.com x

Sophie Jenner said...

Wow you look amazing! Your skin has improved so much you look fantastic without makeup!
Sophie Jenner
My #guessthepolish Competition *Enter Here*

Sarah Linda said...

That's incredible! Your skin looks so healthy and even.


Sandra TheBlackPearlBlog said...

Incredible! Nothing beats the feeling of looking in the mirror and being happy with your skin.

I am so happy for you lovely! xo

Jo said...

The difference is incredible - you're positively glowing and your skin is beautiful. You were stunning before, but I know it must have shattered your confidence - you must be so pleased and in love with the results and you should be proud to have documented something so personal for others to learn from! I bet you feel like you could conquer anything now :)

Jo xx

She Wears Burgundy

Elissa Hudson said...

Your skin looks so so so lovely, you must be over the moon!

I suffer with acne too and it's just awful, especially after a bad flare up and you wake up on a morning and just think 'ugghhhh'.

Did you make any changes to your diet or anything too? I'm trying to figure out what causes mine at the moment as I really want to avoid Roaccutane if possible, but that's looking like it's gonna have to be the next step.

Elissa | styleaffix.com

Carissa Orzlowski said...

Oh my gosh, your skin looks incredible! I'm so happy for you. :)


Scoo said...

Oh wow the effect is stunning! So happy for you! you have amazing skin now and look so healthy! :-)

New Chanel Les Beiges Multi COlor No. 02 review | TheConscienceFund

Liz wellmeaningbeing said...

You were always a stunner! Your skin loves amazing and we can see you freckles! xx

Beauty with Becky said...

Wow looks amazing! I am trying the Obagi skincare system at the moment in an attempt to clear my skin up, not cheap but worth the cost, can't put a price on feeling confident and not having to slather half a pot of foundation on! Love your blog and Youtube channel :) xx

janine said...

wowzer, you look amazing! you just look happier too, i watched your makeup video on youtube yesterday and you just seemed really confident in yourself. i'm really glad this treatment has had such a positive impact on your life :)

i dont have acne personally but ive always got a few spots, it used to bother me but ive grown to accept it and try to look after my skin better (taking off makeup at night, EVERY night if i can). im coming to realise that accepting your looks and being the best you you can be is all we can do. it's the internal things that can have the biggest impact on how we're perceived. and i definitely think that is shining through with your pics, that happiness :)

Georgina Kent said...

You looked very pretty before, naturally beautiful :) But your skin now does look perfect, such beautiful wonderful skin :) Like you said, you can't put a price on that :)


Hello Annie said...

Your skin looks beautiful, happy for your progress :)


Ilianne M said...

you look great! your skin is amazing now!

Danielle said...

Good for you. Brilliant results :)

Lisa Robb said...

Wow what a difference!!
L x

Jessie-Ann Lewis said...

Such amazing results! Your skin looks flawless and what an inspiration you are to share something that made you feel so insecure. I am sure you helped so so many people with this post, Meg. Such a beautiful person inside and out :)) xx


Sara Brett said...

I read your first post and was so intrigued to read this one to see how the treatment had gone. I was keeping my fingers crossed that the outcome would make you feel happier and more secure. What a result! Your skin looks fantastic and you look so happy. You definitely have no need to wear make up any more!

Thanks for giving us all the confidence to show our insecurities and for being so 'normal' in a good way. The blogging world can be so fake and forced and I think this is the perfect example that your blog is so natural and real!
Keep inspiring us with Wonderful You!



Alexandra Dove said...

This is amazing, I know exactly how happy you must be feeling right now because I've just finished taking accutane after 9 years of cystic acne. It's such a wonderful liberating feeling to have nice skin after years of feeling insecure, very proud of you for posting this :)

Beckie Eschle said...

Your skin looks amazing, I'm so happy for you! x


Emma Reay said...

Wow that's amazing, it's great to see you have so much confidence now that your skin is clear. I'm happy for you!

Love Emma xx


Ceri Louise said...

Wow, that is an amazing difference! Your skin looks incredible, I can't see any imperfections whatsoever on the after shots, it's really made such a huge difference :) x

Vanessa Key said...

Congratulations! You made it! I'm so happy for you! You really kicked them out from face. Amazing :)
When I had (sometimes have) acnes, I stopped using ANYTHING. I used only baby soap and salycilic acid. After 3 months of fight, all those volcanos disappeared. I'm not addicted to any skin damaging products like powders, blushes, bronzers etc. I don't need them :) I'm beautiful. You're beautiful! We don't need all that nonsence :) That's just my opinion.

Liesa said...

Wow, your skin looks SO good now! What an amazing feeling it must be to be happy with how your skin looks. I will definitely be looking into this treatment. Feeling comfortable with your skin and not being insecure about it anymore really has no price. Thanks for posting this! xx

Acne Treatment said...

Yes I impressed to see the changes of skin here. Good treatment you shared here for acne. Thanks for it.

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Eliza Ryland said...

What a great story. It looks like you have a handle on a bad situation with the acne. It is truly amazing when you can get results for something like this, isn’t it?

Detroit BORG said...

As long as this video is, the info is actually very true. Don't bother with 'anti-acne' products on the market because they just contain chemicals which will make your skin worse (they act as toxins to your skin). You've gotta look at the root cause of it. It's diet that will help you, and natural skin care. And by natural, I don't mean those 'natural' products you can buy because they too contain loads of chemicals. I mean things like natural oils. Google natural DIY skin care. Your skin will thank you.

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