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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Meet My Marvellous Advertisers

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When you feel like life really isn't on your side, it's nice to take a step back and remember the positive people that surround you, the ones that inspire you to carry on.

My monthly advertisers are special to me. They choose to place their faces on my sidebar, which means they must see something that you lot see when you read my blog, which essentially means, you should love their blogs, non? This month I’ve had the pleasure of hosting ultimate awesomeness and I really can’t wait to share them with you...

Sunny Sweet Pea
You may have already spotted the beautiful Jenny on a recent blog post interview, where she helped us get to know all the juicy deets behind her blog Sunny Sweet Pea - If not, click here and catch up! Jenny writes beautifully and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about her view on friendships in a recent post - it certainly struck a chord with me and I think lots of you will be able to relate too.

Couture Crush
Rei, what a beauty to behold *le sigh*. I open her webpage and am automatically hooked on the wonderful photography. Her outfits are spectacular – living in Hawaii with American-Japanese routes her style is literally out of this world. Think Blair Waldorf meets Audrey and you’d be imagining the beautiful Rei’s wardrobe. Yeah, I know, I’m green with envy. I mean just look at this.

Love Thy Accessories
If you're looking for bold, statement, affordable jewellery, look no further. Love Thy Accessories holds some of the most stunning jewels online, with pieces that look like they've cost an absolute fortune, you know, like those stupidly expensive Zara necklaces for half the price?! Yeah...it's the kind of store that means you can treat yourself more than once that month, and what girl doesn't love that?

If you'd like to find out more about advertising your blog or small shop with Wonderful You, all the details are here!


BohoRush said...

Love the Sunny Sweet Pea blog! The content on there is always so different and beautifully written :) x


Sara Chergui said...

Sounds so nice !
Giveaway, get the bronze queen look

Alice Young said...

Just checked out couture crush - love! Thanks for sharing these blogs :)


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