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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Pyjama Party

Top and Trousers: Zara. Bag: George at ASDA. Shoes: Office
I walk in to Zara (more regularly than I should) and every single time there will be an outfit they've put together on the rails that I fall head over heels for. It just so happened that on this occasion I could actually justify treating myself to it and so, that's what I did.

There's something about the heavy fabric of the jumper that sits so well over the silky, loose fitted pants - that yes, look like pyjamas - and I simply love an outfit that you literally throw on and there's no need for anything else, no fuss, it just, does.

The knit jumper was on the pricey side, but is now in the sale HUZZAH! - the trousers however were under £30 which is pretty bloody awesome if you ask me.
I love the way they graze my ankles too...something I used to steer well clear of when I was at school, but an attribute I seek in trousers these days! Funny how these things change, eh?


Charlotte Lewis said...

Love the pants, I have some similar stripe ones and they are Uber comfy! xx


Roseanne Bradley said...

What a lovely outfit, Those trousers are so snazzy hehe! And that's such a beautiful setting - the pictures look so summery :-)

Love Roseanne xox

Sophie said...

Zara can be a blessing and a curse eh? Adore this outfit!

Sophie Jenner said...

BEAUTIFUL MEGS!! You always look flawless! your skin is amazing now also! Bet your so happy with it! x What lipstick is this please its gorge and im having a hard time chosing a lipstick that doesnt clash with my hair atm and think this looks perfect on you :) x
Sophie Jenner

Alice Young said...

The trousers look soooo comfy!!! Love them!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

sophiesmakeupblog said...

You look lovely! Such pretty photos x


Holl JC said...

Oh wow, you look divine Megan. Those trousers are amazing x


Laura//daisychaindream said...

You give me such hair envy! x

Emerald Dove said...

Lovely outfit! The top is so pretty! :)

Olivia W said...

Your hair is so beautiful and I want it!x

Amy Liddell said...

Those trousers are lovely!

Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

Tasha Steel said...

You look amazing! Love the yellow field you're in too, I'm having to stay clear of them for the next month or so now since my hayfever can't handle it. Such a shame, cause I love how they look especially with a blue sky.

I know what you mean about Zara, soon as you walk in there's temptation to buy!


Diana Cloudlet said...

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and you outfits deserve separate attention!
everything is magnificent!

would you like to follow each other?

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Gorgeous outfit, you always look amazing!
Charlotte // www.thegoodowl.co.uk

Judith Duncan said...

Love this outfit! Looks so comfortable! xx


JC Cross-Jones said...

great outfit, love how you've styled the bold trouser!
Two Hearts One Roof

Starshine said...

Ahh I can't wait to try out Zara Europe, I've heard it blows the US out of the water!! Love this outfit so much, along with the stunning scenery :)


Cathryn said...

Such a lovely outfit!

Cherie Tang said...

Gorgeous photos, also where was this shot? I've been loving hareem pants too, they go with everything.

Lauren McMinn said...

Those trousers are stunning! xx

Is This Real Life? said...

Your outfit is beautiful, you look awesome! I LOVE your top its so pretty! X

Sorcha M. said...

I love how nautical the trousers are - so cute! Zara can be a pretty dangerous place for me and my wallet!

Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

Lauren Maria said...

Those trousers are gorgeous, would be fab on the beach too. Beautiful pictures with the yellow crop in the background

daniella-r said...

OH that top is so lovely! I'm exactly the same with Zara, I find it very hard to go in and not buy anything!
Daniella x


CharissaRae said...

I think I need these pants for venice - love em! You look beaut as always. X

Tresses Beauty said...

Gorgeous pics!! love the stripe pants and loose top.. a mix of comfortable outfits! Thanks for sharing :)


char said...

Those trousers just look amazing on you. They remind me of vintage tailoring even whilst being so floaty and cool.

Tasmin Lofthouse said...

I LOVE those trousers! They are sooo amazing...and I'm a big fan of ankle grazers too. It must be something that happens as you change from highschool age to (eeek) adult age!. You look amazing, and it compliments your hair so well :)

Belle B said...

I used to hate these types of trousers as I hated the PJ feeling, however now I am addicted and can't get enough. Love that these are different from the typical printed ones!

Belle ♥
Mascara & Maltesers

Temporary:Secretary said...

This is a really lovely outfit, Megs! *swoon!* x

Hayley said...

I think this outfit looks really sophisticated!
Water Painted Dreams xo

Lisa Lila said...

I really love your hair!


Emma Reay said...

Loving your outfit, i never go into Zara because it's so expensive, though i really should!

Love Emma xx


Chen Shania said...

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