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Monday, 21 July 2014

Back to the Beginning.

Dress: Urban Outfitters. Dr Martens: Cloggs*. Bag & Headscarve: Becksondergaard. Necklaces: One & Two.
I'd fallen out of love with my style posts. The effort of even washing my face seemed like it would require every single muscle in my body - and quite frankly that was one too many.

I'd gotten myself in this rut of simply getting dressed to take photos, instead of living and potentially documenting that via photography. And that's no fun at all.

More and more I feel my blog is becoming a place for IRL (in real life) moments. The ones that help build and shape us as individuals. (Hold up, I'm not preaching I'm some kind of life guru, just sayin' - I want to write about what matters, to me).

I'll still be sharing my wardrobe with you guys, because, it's my passion. But I don't want it to be a chore - I want to have fun, start living a little more and enjoying this wonderful world we live in.

So here it is. Me remembering why I started this blog, in an outfit that I've not taken off since I bought it. Quite possibly the most effortless dress I own, picked up in the Urban Outfitters (always fabulous) sale - it needs no description.
For forever and a day I've wanted a pair of Dr. Martens - but none have screamed out to me. Not until these, what can only be described as Jesus sandals, appeared on the internet. It's safe to say they've completed my life and are stonkingly comfortable - contrary to popular belief.

Oh, and when you can't be arsed with washing your hair - beautiful headscarves are the answer, obv.


Samantha Sunderland said...

Stunning! Love this look on you :) such a pretty dress!

Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

Rita Sousa said...

You look amazing! In love!!! ;) And, by the way, great pics!!


Stephanie said...

You look fab!


Zoe Newlove said...

My little sis, Amy, has this dress, and when she had it on I just wanted to steal it! Now you have it toooo and I am even more jealous. You look beaut here babe.I hardly ever read fashion posts but enjoyed this muchly xxxx

Alice Young said...

I want a pair of Dr Marten sandals so bad! I used too wear head scarfs in my hair like this all the time, I want to start doing it again now!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Sara Chergui said...

This dress is amazing ! You look so adorable !


Eguono Ogueh said...

That dress is so nice! I look forward to what you're going to do next x

Gegsy Lifestyle Blog

Andini Ria said...

Fell in love with this dress in your latest video and how you've styled it here is just perfect! xx

Adventures of an Anglophile

Sophie Blumenthal said...

Love the outfit, the dress is made for you, it's perfect!

Sophie x

loveletty said...

I found you through one of your Avon posts. And I have to say I have a blogger crush on you. My advice is always to write what feels right. If it's relevant to you, it's bound to connect with others too. Love this outfit, I always opt for the headscarf when in doubt of how my hair looks!

Colette x

Emma Reay said...

The dress is so gorgeous, i love the lace detailing!

Love Emma xx


Mimmi said...

Lovely outfit :) You look beautiful! And I think you definitely shouldn't feel pressured to write outfit posts if you don't feel like it!

xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

Holl JC said...

Oh wow, just divine Megan! You look incredible x


Amy said...

Beautiful outfit. I just saw this dress in your haul video and couldn't wait to see it on the blog. I think it's great that you want to post the 'real life moments' instead of feeling like outfit posts are a chore. You should definitely enjoy what you're doing, and your readers will enjoy it more too :)


JenTea said...

I love the outfit, very eye-catching! And my goodness your photos are so lovely! The 5th photo is just stunning! By the way, I enjoy your Youtube vids :)

Keep in touch!
Jen xx

Sophie said...

This dress totally had your name on it. You look gorgeous!

Cat Storey said...

Have to agree with you there- our blogs should be highlight our lifes not become it. Glad to hear your getting a good balance Hun. You look lovely as always!

Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

Lauren Maria said...

Adding a little but of life to posts is never a bad thing. That dress goes perfectly with your hair chick

Amy Liddell said...

Love those Docs!

Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

Cherie Tang said...

That dress looks gorgeous on you! You look lovely xx

Sarah Irving said...

Love the outfit! The dress is gorgeous, you look amazing! :)

Olivia W said...

I am in love with your shoes, you look stunning x

Megan Lillie said...

This dress is just LUSHNESS. You look amazing.

Megan xo
Thumbelina Lillie | UK Fashion Blog

Liz Schendelaar said...

Your hair is stunning :) I love your style :) Mine is about as eventful as wearing a rubbish bag :( But love your dress too :D

Pitbul Jain said...

Looking beautiful in Short dress. Let me talk about an Indian dress like Anarkali Suit. you can try this defiantly you will look elegant.

Hannah Burrows said...

Love the dress, it looks so comfortable! Also, love the way you have done your hair, it looks lovely :) xxx


DreamFishin' said...

I love the outift, looks awesome yet comfortable :)

Emma R said...

I recently decided to take a break from blogging over the summer because I felt it was taking up too much of my time and I hadn't been 'living life', as you put it. It's good to know that other people feel this way too! It's important that posts are written with love and enthusiasm, rather than just churned out - even if it means fewer posts overall. I always enjoy your posts anyway!

char said...

You still look absolutely stunning. I agree with taking photos of the things which are important to you.

The Beauty Informer said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous!


Plearn Nataricha said...

You look amazing!! Also I like the colour of the photos

Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

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