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Friday, 22 August 2014

Afternoon Tea with One Love Organics | Sanderson Hotel, London

Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at Sanderson Hotel, London
Blog Review on One Love Organics
Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at Sanderson Hotel, London
Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at Sanderson Hotel, London
Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at Sanderson Hotel, London
Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at Sanderson Hotel, London
Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at Sanderson Hotel, London
One Love Organics Beauty Blog Review
Afternoon tea. What better way to my heart? (apart from perhaps Joseph Gordon-Levitt served on a plate, ahem).

Back to reality with a delicious thud, at the Sanderson Hotel's Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea.

A blistering hot day in the city called for a table situated in the Courtyard Garden - a backdrop of bamboo, flowering trees and a meandering stream created instant tranquility. With menus buried in old hardback books, sugar cubes served in jewellery boxes and flavoured tea leaves in perfume bottles it wasn't going to take much to make it the best Afternoon Tea I've experienced.

I opted for mint chocolate chip tea - yes that is a thing (the best thing FYI). Alongside an array of rolled up sandwiches, marshmallow toadstools and even a 'drink me' bottle filled with 3 layers of crazy good flavours, I could've easily been Alice in Wonderland.

Now, you may have noticed some pretty little additions to the table, in the form of One Love Organics. Amidst the amazing food, I was really there to find out more about this American brand.

The packaging is simple and pretty with no fuss. Clearly, organic and natural brands are huge - everyone is getting on the hype, but One Love Organics are one of the better ones. They use 100% natural ingredients, don't plump any of them up with water and are all hand-made - and because they're so pure, it means their products are multi-purpose, making them suitable for you, me, our grandmas and our babies. Being an organic brand, some products can be pretty pricey - but with some items starting as low as £9.00 you'll be sure to find something within everyone's budget.

Keep your eyes peeled for a in-depth review on the products themselves, I'm particularly excited to get down and dirty clean with the Brand New Day masque.

Probably definitely one of my favourite events I've attended since starting blogging - and I can't wait to share more with you on this lovely brand!


Tilly said...

This looks incredible! Mint chocolate tea sounds amazing

Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

Sara Chergui said...

Wow everything looks so adorable !


Bridie Mia said...

This looks wonderful and so luxurious, would love to go to something like this! Gorgeous photos x

Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

Alice Young said...

It looks so lovely in your pictures. Mont choc chip tea sounds amazing!!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

Becky Bedbug said...

Ooh this looks delicious! I don't even drink tea but mint chocolate tea sounds incredible!

Eguono Ogueh said...

The food looks amazing! That mint chocolate chip tea sounds so yummy x

Gegsy Blog

Amber Rhodes said...

I'd love to go and have High Tea at a fancy spot. Fascinated by the idea of Mint Chocolate Tea!

Hope Butler said...

This looks so cute! I had a Mad Hatters Tea Party when I was younger for a party, but it looked no where near this good H xx


Hannah Moseley said...

That afternoon tea looks incredible! I love how they've chosen a theme and fully committed to it! Would love to make a special trip there. Glad you had a lovely time xx

Amanda H said...

Everything looks so petite and so cute. This is my kind of afternoon tea. Mint chocolate tea also sounds heavenly mmm x

Alex Elliott said...

The food and setup looks beautiful!
Afternoon tea is such a cute idea :)


Jo said...

I'd just like to say 'amen' to the JG-L comment (he is just perfect) and to the fact that afternoon tea is the most wonderful way to spend time with friends :) Lovely photos too! xx


She Wears Burgundy

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