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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Two Ticks With...Sookie Spartan

This lady, is an absolute diamond. You know one of those people who just oozes loveliness? From just a few simple words you can gauge her personality and I simply love her. 
So, I'll let her do the talking on this one - let me introduce you to, Sookie Spartan.

Firstly, thank you so much for perching your lovely self on my sidebar this month! For those that may not have had the pleasure of coming across your lovely blog, could you sum it up in 3 words?
Sassy. Shopaholic. Beauty-Nerd.
okay… I cheated and included an extra word. Let's add "rebel" to that list.

And if you had to start your entire wardrobe from scratch and just keep ONE item, what would pick and why?

Currently? A large fitted sheet. Pregnancy is no joke. However, my non-pregnant self would choose my knitted Aztec, blue and white cardigan. No matter what I put on underneath, it matches perfectly, chic's up my outfit, and hides all my secrets!

Your blog is bursting with makeup looks and reviews! What's would your staple items be for Autumn/Winter?
What's funny is I find myself going against the grain and wearing my summer tones still, and I don't hate it! Right now, I'm often grabbing my MAC blush in Peaches, my Tarte jumbo eye pencil in Brown (allows for quick application before work in the morning!), my Dior white pencil for quick highlighting on my brow bones (blending this in creates such natural highlight!), and my YSL waterproof mascara for all these rainy autumn days we're having in Michigan! I'm also lucky enough to have a cold right now, so I've been obsessed with my Rose Salve from Bath and Body Works. It's amazing to use as a lip balm, but I've also used it to apply to my nose when I'm feeling a bit raw!

You also have a YouTube channel - could you tell us a little bit about what we could expect to see?

Ah my channel! I actually started out on Youtube and then transitioned to a written blog. Since moving to the country from the city, I've had a wake up call in terms of amenities, and our internet is quite limited! So, I have high hopes for my channel in that although I may not upload quite as much as I'd like (especially with baby coming), I plan on doing more how-to videos, pregnancy/mommy blogs, and random chatty videos on my random, sarcastic thoughts. I'm always open to suggestions, as some people prefer my sarcasm videos, while others like hearing about hauls and my favorite beauty items, so everyone is welcome to let me know which they prefer!

You’re currently expecting a baby – congratulations, how exciting!! Do you have any top tips for mums-to-be, having done it yourself a few times already, you must be an absolute pro!
I'm learning something new everyday about being a mom-to-be! This is my first, and I've been lucky enough to have a smooth pregnancy, but we're closing in on the due date (in 2 weeks!), so I've been reflecting a lot. I would say that although I always knew I wanted at least one child, I was completely terrified of the whole process! So, my advice would be to just go with it. It sounds easier said than done, but once you realize there isn't anything you can do about the "what if's" of pregnancy, labor, and raising a baby, you relax a lot more. And that's coming from a naturally anxious person and complete control freak! I can honestly say I've enjoyed this pregnancy a lot and am truly excited about bringing about another beauty and fashion hungry chica into the world!

Marilyn or Audrey?
Audrey. Platinum blonde doesn't suit me in the least bit. I suppose pearls don't either though, so maybe a mix? Mardrey? Yeah, I'll take that.

And finally a quote to live by?

"Everything is temporary." -Me

I in no way mean this to be morbid or an ode to YOLO (I seriously just wrote "ROLO"…pregnancy brain!), but whenever I'm stressed out, rushing through my work days, or wanting to hide from the world and become a hermit, remembering that I can do anything because everything is temporary, helps me get out of my box and do something different or try something new. Now that baby girl is coming, this quote has never been more true! I want to enjoy feeling her squirm, and yes, even kick my bladder during an important meeting, because in a few weeks she'll be out and I know I'll miss having her so close.

The same can go for my blog. It's growing everyday and I want to appreciate each day I'm able to log my life, interests, and sassy thoughts, so I can look back on it someday and say, "hey, I did that!"

(Some questions Sara has thrown in herself, the cheeky monkey!)

Q: Sara, would you like me to be your personal shopper?
A: Why yes Megs. I would like that very much. Thanks so much chica.

Q: What is something we might find surprising about you?

A: I'm actually a psychologist by day! Yeah, it's shocking to me too...

So there you have it, the wonderful woman that is Sara. She's actually given birth to her baby in the time that's passed since our interview, so I suggest you take a look at the links below and send her lots of warm wishes and congratulations on the birth of her beautiful little girl!

Find her everywhere:


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