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Monday, 1 December 2014

Jack Wills DAILY GIVEAWAY! #JWBrowniePoints

#outout - potentially the best hashtag to ever grace the internet? I think so.

It's my own personalised Xmas card from the one and only Jack Wills - the house of English fashion. 

And why am I sharing it with you? Well, because today kick starts the beginning of their daily #JWBrowniePoints Christmas competition. 

Basically, everyday starting from now until December 24th, Jack Wills will be posting an Xmas card, similar to the one above, on one of their (many) social media channels - with each one designed to make you, and your chosen friend feel special!

So how does it work?

Any time you share one of the cards on your own social platform using the hashtag #JWBrowniePoints, you (and whichever friend you choose to tag) will be entered in to the competition with a chance to win an item from the Jack Wills website. Be it onesies, coats or accessories - there'll be something for everyone!

Here's a few examples: 

Day 1 on Facebook: Tag someone in the comments section below you’d love to share this Xmas card with for your chance to win daily prizes.  

Day 2 on Instagram: Share one of the Xmas cards with your followers, tagging someone you'd love to share this Xmas card with & use the #JWBrowniePoints hashtag to make sure your entry is submitted!

The Xmas cards will also live on the Jack Wills website, here. So if the card that they've shared that day isn't quite your cup of tea, you'll have a chance to pick one more suitable and share that one instead! 
On this webpage you will also be able to see the chosen daily prize - so you'll know exactly what's up for grabs :-)

Here's some examples of what you can expect to win...

A blog post including all the information for entering Jack Wills daily Christmas Giveaway #JWBrowniePoints

A blog post including all the information for entering Jack Wills daily Christmas Giveaway #JWBrowniePoints

It's a pretty nifty idea and it's always nice to have a treat for yourself when you're spending so much hard earned money on others at Christmas time - or even to double up on presents for a loved one, y'know, if you're feeling super generous.

Make sure you're following them on all their channels I've linked below so you don't miss out, and get your butts sharing!

Snapchat: jackwillsuk