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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Greedy Book - My First Online Wish List

A blog review of The Greedy Book Wish List Site. Where you can select your favourite items online and save them for purchasing later!
A blog review of The Greedy Book Wish List Site. Where you can select your favourite items online and save them for purchasing later!
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Every Christmas my family will ask me what gifts I’d like, and every year I say ‘I have no idea’. I’m of an age where anything I need, I tend to save for and buy it myself – so when birthday’s and Christmases roll around I’m always a bit stuck.

I hate having things bought for me for the sake of it and throughout the year I’ll find things I really love, but don’t necessarily need and will just end up forgetting about them.

So when The Greedy Book contacted me to tell me about their new online wish list system I was intrigued.

It’s one of the more advanced, varied wish list sites I’ve used; and by simply copying and pasting a link in to their site or installing a widget on your toolbar you can drop items in to your categorised wish lists at the click of a button (it'll walk you through that, on the 'Add Item' section, once you've registered). It is MEGA.

So any time I’m coveting a new coat or pair of shoes, I can simply hit my Greedy Book bookmark and it’ll automatically save it to my chosen list. It gives you the opportunity to enter the price along with a description, (i.e your shoe size) and the option to favourite your most coveted pieces; so if anyone wants to access your list, it will still be a surprise if they decide to buy it for you. Each link saves an image so you can clearly see what it is and with a clean, compact design the website itself is as easy as pie to navigate. There's also a section to search for people you know are using it and The Greedy Book team have created their own 'Discover' tab that is updated with their latest favourite things, y'know incase you're needing some inspiration! And you're also able to share your book on your social media platforms, too - WHOOP.

All in all it's just pretty darn awesome. I mean - the hints in the company name: AMAZING.

There are no limitations to what sites you can link from, so in the Greedy Books eyes, your wish is their command! (I mean, they wont pay for it, but hopefully someone will, right? ;))

Oh, and if you fancy being a bit nosy, you can check out my first greedy book here! I also asked for a money tree this Christmas, so that I could buy everything on my first book...fingers crossed.

*This isn't a sponsored post btw, I just really, really love the concept and wanted to share it.


Alice Young said...

Ooo it sounds amazing! Talk about wishlist making made easy!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

Abbie said...

Amazing idea! Def going to check this out! xx


Elizabeth Rebecca said...

I'd love a money tree :)

Lizzie's Daily Blog

Jasiminne said...

The NAME alone is perfect. I'm definitely checking this out. x

Étáin Sorcha said...

This looks so cool! Definitely going to check it out!

Emma Reay said...

This is such a cool idea, amazing!

Emma at www.collagemepretty.blogspot.co.uk

Maryam said...

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