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Thursday, 5 February 2015

BRAND FOCUS: Rodial Make-Up

A Beauty Bloggers review of Rodial Make-Up. Featuring Rodial Eye Sculpt, Rodial Highlighter and Rodial Foundation Brush.
A Beauty Bloggers review of Rodial Make-Up. Featuring Rodial Eye Sculpt, Rodial Highlighter and Rodial Foundation Brush.
A Beauty Bloggers review of Rodial Make-Up. Featuring Rodial Eye Sculpt, Rodial Highlighter and Rodial Foundation Brush.
A Beauty Bloggers review of Rodial Make-Up. Featuring Rodial Eye Sculpt, Rodial Highlighter and Rodial Foundation Brush.
A Beauty Bloggers review of Rodial Make-Up. Featuring Rodial Eye Sculpt, Rodial Highlighter and Rodial Foundation Brush.

Rodial are a high-end beauty brand famous for their luxurious skincare. But today, I’m here to talk to you about some of my top picks from their rather snazzy makeup range. This is a good one guys, let's get cracking.

Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Illuminating Powder RRP: £52
First up is my favourite of the bunch. Highlighter is in my top 5 make-up staples. Brightening up even the dullest of dull complexions (i.e. mine) - we can't all have naturally glowing skin, some of us have to fake it to make it, it really is a god-send.
Focusing on the areas of your face you want to accentuate – a light brush of this bad-boy over the cheekbones, the cupids bow and down the nose gives the perfect natural candle-lit glow and the fine pearl formula ensures an even, silky application.
At £52 it’s certainly one to be adding to your birthday or Christmas list (or like me: 'I’m heartbroken so I can buy myself everything I want ever' list) But, with magnetic packaging it’s basically bullet proof. Zoe dropped hers on the weekend on a laminate floor and the robust packaging kept it tightly in place – not even a scuff on the outside and perfectly pressed glowing powder on the inside. Perfect packaging pays, guys.

It's absolutely stunning and is the perfect versatile product suiting any skin tone. I mean, you can see from the pictures above what a lovely finish it gives.

Rodial Instaglam Retouch RRP: £25
Eye brightening products are something I can’t be without - yeah I'm one of the lucky ones with dark, dark circles under my eyes.
With a twist to activate application of the instaglam retouch it means you don’t get wasted product. And with a sheer finish, it helps to even out the skin tone to create a natural finish without being cakey under the eyes. It also contains hyaluronic acid which helps to plump out any fine lines and smooth the areas of skin its applied to. Basically, it's everything you could hope for in a eye-brightening product.

Rodial Eye Sculpt RRP: £34
One of my favourites from the collection, and one I’ve used every day since it arrived in the post is the eye sculpt. A versatile product that can be used as a base eye shadow, blended in to the crease of the socket to create definition, an eyeliner to shape the eyes or even on the brows to fill in sparse hairs. It’s the BOMB. The pigmentation is unreal, so you only need the teeniest amount and a little goes a long, long way – meaning it’s going to last an age and is nice and compact to carry around in your handbag – big brownie points here ladies! I'm wearing it under the lash line and in my brows on the pictures above!

Rodial The Foundation Brush RRP: £40
This foundation brush is like tiny, beautiful hairs of silk brushing against your skin achieving the most even, flawless finish with liquid foundations. I've been using Real Techniques brushes for a few years and having used this beauty with my top 3 foundations over the past few weeks I'm totally blown away. IT IS GORGEOUS - it's made with synthetic hairs, but it means you'll get minimal wastage of product as it wont be soaking any of it up!

Rodial Instaglam Highlighter RRP: £25
Lastly, the instaglam highlighter is a more affordable option to the compact illuminating powder. This is a great product to have alongside a contour powder. With the fine brush applicator, you can get in those nooks and crannies of the face that you want to make pop. Just a dab in the corner of your eyes, the centre of your forehead and the bridge of your nose will help you achieve a super natural sparkle. It's a bit of a steal really.

So that's it! What do you think? Is Rodial a brand you've looked to for make-up before? I'd love to know what your favourites are too :-)

PS. I'm wearing the Rodial Glam Lip Balm on my lips (but that's a post for another time, it might even warrant a stand alone review of its own!)

**This post is sponsored by Rodial. However all opinions are my own - I ruddy love this make-up!


Lurch Hound Loves said...

Gorgeous look Megs, I love the neutral shadow xx


Jessica Edmunds said...

WOW you gorgeous girl, the colours are perfect with your skin tone xx

Millie Robinson said...

You're so beautiful! Love the eye shadow x


Kelly said...

Beautiful megs! Need a new foundation brush desperately! Xx

Sara Chergui said...

This makeup is looking so gorgeous !

Win Makeup Revolution FULL skincare collection !

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rae t said...

Wow their products sound lovely and i love the packaging/design of the brushes as well. Also the look you created with it is great - it's def. noticeable but very wearable for daytime. Perfect office look.

Rae | love from berlin

Vicky said...

What a beaut! The lip balm looks beautiful - can't wait to hear more about it! What mascara are you wearing here? x

Kayleigh Johnson said...

Love this look Meg, you look fab! I'm a big fan of Rodial makeup too - I also have that illuminating powder but unfortunately I wasn't as lucky as Zoe and mine has cracked :( I'm devastated as its so lovely! xxxx.

Maddy said...

I love the look of the eyeshadow, such a stunning colour!
Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

Charlotte Rumsby said...

Flawless look, your eyeshadow looks amazing!

Charlotte - styleaked

Mrs Rodial said...

Love this! x

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