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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

HOW TO: Quick & Easy French Braid Messy Updo for Short Hair

A YouTube tutorial for a quick and easy French braid messy updo

A few weeks ago Zoe shared a make-up post where her hair (and face, obv) looked phenomenal. She'd pulled her loose waves back off her face and framed it with a glorious French braid.

Now, I am terrible at styling hair. Mine will either be straight, curled or scraped back in to a bun to wash off remnants of the days make-up - but when I saw how lovely it looked on Zo, I wanted to give it a try, you know, just to see.
Surprisingly, it was mega easy. Without following a tutorial or even tweeting asking for tips, I'd managed to achieve a pretty decent braid - Woohoo!

I popped a picture up on instagram and got quite a few requests asking me to film a tutorial for it.

So here you go, folks...

Thanks so much to Zo for the insipiration. It's the perfect easy updo that suits pretty much any occasion, be it work, going to the gym or even an evening out. It takes two minutes and stays put all day!

I hope you enjoy it - and if you do have a go at recreating it I'd love to see the results! Use the hashtag #hairbymegs on Twitter or Instagram so I can see and I'll be sure to share them :-)


Elizabeth Rebecca said...

That hairstyle is gorgeous on you.

Lizzie Dripping

Autumn Renee said...

I normally do my hair like this, only with twists instead of plaits. I'm going to try this for sure! xx


Catherine Beck said...

I love this, and have been wanting to try it for ages. I'm get my hair cut shorter this week so will re-watch your tutorial and give it a go. xxx

Dagmara Anna said...

gorgeous! I'd probably wear it with a few loose waves in the front.
can't wait to try it out :) btw your makeup looks phenomenal in that video!!

Mara x marashares

Karen Shannon said...

OMG! These is so easy!
Thanks so much Megan.

Karen @ http://officiallookbookstore.blogspot.com

Shani Parkman said...

Love it! And since I just cut my hair short it's perfect! All I need to do now is get my head wrapped around how to do a braid - too uncoordinated! But I had a little go and can see it would look so nice!

rae t said...

This is such a cute hairstyle - love how it is put together but kinda messy at the same time and your hair color is fabulous!

Rae | love from berlin

Ceri Louise said...

This is great! I'm definitely going to give this a go!
I'm always after new hairstyles for medium length hair - will make sure to tag you if I get a photo :)
Just subscribed to your channel now too :)

October Eleven

 Melissa said...

Ooh I am going to try this out. I need more tricks in my hair-do arsenal. ;)

Amanda H said...

You look incredible, that hairstyle is GORGEOUS! I want to give this a go but I'm sure mine will not turn out that well :-( x

Amanda / Amanda's Escape

Ashleigh said...

Love this, thank you!
Ashleigh | Mermaid on the Move

Chrissy Lilly said...

You look gorgeous, Meg!! I wish I could do this with my hair, but I think I have a few too many layers :(

Chrissy x

Rachel Birchley said...

Love this hairstyle. There are a lot of plaits about at the moment, which is great because I've always enjoyed a braid. I just think my hair is a little bit too short at the moment, but I'd really like to give this style a go :)
Rachel x

Charlotte Rumsby said...

This style looks gorgeous on you Meg!

Charlotte - styleaked

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