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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Shopping the sales.

It should be simple - but it's just not, is it?

Your favourite stores will usually be out of stock of all of the good stuff and instead you're left with the white t-shirts that have make-up round the collar and footprints on the back from where they've fallen to the floor. 

That's just not the case when it comes to Oasis. Picking an outfit from their site was a absolute dream - with most sizes still available, new lines being added every day and a wide selection of styles it was a walk in the park. I have to admit Oasis isn't usually my first point of call when shopping for clothes, but if they're bringing the goodies when it's sale season, well then I'm interested. I'm very interested.

And so today I wanted to share with you my top tips for shopping the sales. Because if I can do it, well then you can too.

How many times have you found yourself online, browsing the sales, adding random bits and bobs to your shopping basket just because? 

It's. Not. Practical.

If you make a list of what you actually need (or in more cases than not want), then at least if they don't have it you're not frittering away £40 on a leather satchel, just because it was £80 before and 'what a bargain!!!'

Over the years I've learned buying one off pieces of clothing isn't always the best way to spend my money. Yeah I picked up an 'investment' piece for £200, but actually, it doesn't go with anything in my wardrobe and ends up just looking pretty on a hanger rather than on me. 
That's why the sales are so good for investing in a new you. Pick up an entire outfit for the price of that one investment piece and you're on to a winner. 

I always find that I land myself with the best sale picks shopping online instead of in-store. There's no pressure when you're sat on your sofa with a cuppa casually browsing. It beats being shoved out of the way like Monica in Friends for the wedding dress - no whistle blowing or marching orders here. Yes, the stock may differ, but you have time to actually think about what you want to purchase, rather than an impulse buy because it's the last size 10 and what will you do if someone else picks it up whilst you're still looking around?! Eliminate the fear purchase!

So with that being said, I applied my own tips and this is the outfit I came out with. 

A beautiful long-line stripe coat. So on trend and with a blend of striped colours it's going to stand out from any of the others.

Velvet jeans. I KNOW. With a skinny fit and a low-rise they're relevant to the here and now, but with a velvet touch? You're bringing back the oldies in the best possible way. 

High neck, woven panelled tunic - which looks like it's straight off the Chanel catwalk, not your typical high-street store bargain. And for TEN POUNDS I mean, nothing else needs to be said, does it? No it doesn't.

A triple cross body bag, that has poppers so that you get three bags in one (uh huh), and some seriously glossy and fabulous chelsea boots to match - teamed together or individually, you can take each of these items from day to night.

And there you have it. This is how I shop the sales. And I have to say I'm mighty impressed with what Oasis have to offer. With the coat of dreams, a top that makes me feel a million bucks and jeans that make me stroke my legs constantly - I think we've got the sales nailed, no?

Shop my look here:


You can also get 15% off your 
www.danielwellington.com watch with code 'wonderful_u' at Checkout!

This post is in collaboration with Oasis. However all views are my own, as always :-) 



Caroline said...

Wow, love this outfit. That coat is gorgeous!!!
As for shopping the sales, I always start with good intentions, but seem to get carried away, especially online and when it's the Next sale! I just can't help myself! However I was a lot more reserved last year, so think I'm getting there...


Charlotte Lewis said...

Online over in store always for me. I don't know why you would fight with some one over the last size when it is probably stocked online lol. Love that coat hun btw!<3 xx


Iva Dimitrova said...

I love this outfit! Great coat!

Amie Kewley said...

Hi Megs! I love your look; great tips too. I try and shop the sales with my capsule wardrobe in mind, buying things I love and will actually wear rather than things that are super cheap or very on trend at that time. I also think it helps to set a budget because it makes you think more clearly about what you are buying, rather than going wild in the aisles!

XO Amie

Credit Crunch Chic

Amy said...

You pull off this coat SO well. Love the pieces you chose. Would never have guessed this outfit was from Oasis!

Elise Von E said...

WOW!! Great look! Simple and chic. your hair and make-up are also flawless!

xx, Elise

danielle wood said...

I love the outfit, I Wish I could pull of a coat like this but I'm just to short. However it looks amazing on you, and velvet jeans sounds strange but in the way the kind of way that I want a pair!


Claire Petersen said...

Great tips! Many a time I've bought something just because it's on sale... Before taking it home and realising that I'm never going to wear it. Now I try to only buy things if I would have seriously considered buying it at full price, which helps to stamp out impulsive buying!

Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

Emma Murray said...

Oh my goodness can I please have your wardrobe! Or one day go shopping with! I'd fly all the way over from Australia! Loved your sale shopping tips as well! Em xx


Jessicalaar said...

Beautiful photos, I personally am not a fan of in store sale shopping, I like to do it from the comfort of my bed ;)

Jess x

Zoe Newlove said...

Well don't you just look amazing! I am so bad at shopping sales and just get too stressed out, but your tips have made me feel more confident about it for the future!! Love that coat!!


Elizabeth Rebecca said...

Love those boots!

Lizzie Dripping

mixunit said...

The images are excellent, nice photography by the way.

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