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Tuesday, 26 January 2016


There comes a time in every girls life where she needs to own a pair of velvet dungarees. 

That's a thing, right?


I picked these up whilst I was in Copenhagen after about two months of lusting after them in my local Urban Outfitters store.

Now I know, they're not your standard piece of clothing...I mean, dungarees, that are velvet, with culottes? 'Okay then Megs' I hear you say. But they needn't be such a scary thing.

Before I get dressed every morning my first thought is: what will be most comfy?

And I've never owned a piece of clothing that screams 'I'M NOT PYJAMAS BUT I FEEL JUST LIKE THEM' quite as loud as these.

So how can you style such a unique piece?

I mean for starters, it's such a statement item that you can pretty much just let it do the talking. In this outfit, I've opted for simplicity with everything else. My DM's for comfort, a slouchy off the shoulder tee to show off the style of the dungarees, my usual tote bag and my favourite, but understated jewellery from Daniel Wellington (check below for an exclusive discount code!) and Oliver Bonas.

Now, if sacky isn't your style (that's my term for wearing clothes that barely hug my bones) then you needn't follow my lead quite so closely. How about a fitted long sleeved top or tee? Striped tops are always a winner when it comes to wearing dungarees - and a handy little tip, the narrower the stripes the more slimming they'll be and on the other side if you opt for wider stripes, this will help broaden your shape. Dungarees are such a versatile piece, anyone can wear them - you just need to seek out the right style for you. Be it high-waisted or low-rise, skinny jean fit or loosey goosey like me. It's certainly not slim pickings when it comes to choosing.

This outfit in particular feels like a steady, albeit slightly morbid, transitional outfit from super cold winter to a slightly sunnier spring. It's still pretty nippy out there, but these dungarees can pack a whole lotta heat, they're thick, heavy and just long enough to keep your pins warm too.

What are your thoughts on velvet? Or dungarees for that matter? Can you bring yourself to allow them to creep back in to your wardrobe after all these years?

It's certainly not a decision I'm regretting...
photography by my favourite lady, Tami.
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Holl JC said...

Wowzers girl! You look amazing! So so cool x


Robyn Caitlin said...

Love this outfit! I don't think I could ever pull it off but it looks gorge on you! I think I seriously need to consider adding a pair of dungarees to my wardrobe xx


Sara Chergui said...

You look so gorgeous !


Nicola J said...

Gorgeous look, I love that pinafore.


Lauren Maria said...

I love those, though id like them a bit longer in the leg. I'm with you on the comfy clothing, who can be bother with something that's gonna annoy you all day?!

livinginaboxx | bloglovin

Paige Ryan said...

these dungarees are literally awesome! (as is your hair!)

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