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Monday, 4 April 2016


Today marks a pretty special occasion for me, 4 years of writing, filming, snapping and sharing via Wonderful You. 


It seems like I've been doing this forever and yet, at the same time, four years feels like nothing at all. 

I want to take a little bit of time today, to reflect on all of the good things this blog has brought in to my life. 

I've made some of the most incredible friends, Zoe Newlove who taught me what it is to be a strong and kind human. Laura Jane Williams, who helped me believe anything is possible and that women are better together. Ally, quite possibly my sister from another mister - is my rainbow on any cloudy day. Alexandra Cameron, showed me how beautiful life is; with both her insane photography and perfectly wonderful mind, she makes me better. Emma Gannon, injects instant positivity in to my life and shines light wherever she goes. Hayley, the epitome of goodness - she would do anything for her friends and that alone, means they'd do anything for her, too. Linds, a pretty recent addition to the squad but boy is she a good one. The biggest heart I've ever known and the most beautiful, too.
Of course these are to name but a few - I feel so lucky to be part of a community that lets all it's stars shine so brightly, and the fact I've made such amazing friends because of it? I just can't quite believe how lucky I am. 

And oddly enough, on this very day last year, I had my first date with Jamie. So today marks our 1 year anniversary - and you know? I couldn't dream of a better day to have it on. Our relationship is a million wonderful things, but my blog is a big slice of it. He helped build the brand I'd always dreamed of, he believes in me and I'm so grateful for that, I'm so grateful for him. 

I've learned over the past few years that other women aren't the competition. And in a world as saturated as the blogging community, it can be so difficult to not let your green eyed monster take over. You see what one person has achieved and you can quite naturally compare it to where you're at. Why haven't I got what they have? But one persons journey isn't yours - we all have different paths to travel down, and actually, we all want different things. I've learned to take inspiration from my fellow ladies, not begrudge them because of their successes. I see you, I see what you're achieving and I am so happy for you - because you work hard and hard work pays off. 

And so here are three of those ladies who inspire me daily, whose work I appreciate and who make me more determined to be my best self...

Vicotria - In The Frow
I met this amazing lady at the company awards back when both our blogs were just a few months old. Together, we went away with awards for being blogger newbies and since then, her platform has become somewhat of a business empire. You can see the blood, sweat and tears smiles that must go in to making In The Frow what it is - that kind of beautiful content, that kind of growth, it doesn't come from taking a back seat. It comes from being determined and focused and brilliant. Not only can you tell that Victoria works incredibly hard, but she really is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I'm in awe of her on the daily.

Zoe - Zoella
The first blog I ever read, Zoe set the blogging bar and inspired me to start my own. There are some people, who even from afar seem like the most genuine, kind hearted souls, and that's who Zoe is to me. 
Never have I seen a woman handle the internet so tactfully. I mean, she started out like any blogger does, with a passion to share things she loves - but she had the determination to keep going even when some tried to hold her back. And now here she is, I mean, who could've known she'd be catapulted in to a media storm with millions of followers, two books, a beauty line, TV appearances and still come out the other end (alive) and somehow an incredibly normal, down to earth, lovely lady? I can't fathom how hard it must be to tackle the inevitable negatives that will come with such an exposed lifestyle - but one thing I do know, is she proves every day that she's human, a really really good human. And sometimes, in a world as crazy as this, that's really hard. She deserves all the success, but more than that, she deserves all of the support. 

Hannah and Stef - The Michalaks
Hannah was one of the first bloggers I chatted to when I started out. She was just so lovely, I always looked forward to her blog posts and when she first started filming her YouTube videos. It's been so incredible to see someone fall in to such a natural place with their work - she went from working full-time to making ~the internet~ her job too, and she's done it in such a magical way. Together her and Stef create the most amazing memories for their son Gracie in their weekly vlogs - constantly bettering the content they've previously created, with what should be, award winning footage. Together they show what growth is to me. They show that you don't just wake up one day with a perfect idea - you work and work and work until you find something that fits you just right. They make the internet a happy and better place to be.
It's something I really lacked when I started my blog. I used to thrive off being the centre of attention, studying musical theatre at college with dreams of being on the West End. But somewhere along the line I lost hope, I lost my determination or my ability to believe that I was good at what I did. I took on any old job because I figured as long as I had money and was comfortable it didn't really matter if I didn't have a thing that I excelled at. Wonderful You proved me wrong. I began with the idea that it would be nice to have a hobby - but it's been so much more than that. Yes, it's now my job - but it's given me more than I could've ever hoped for in terms of employment. It's given me self belief, in all areas of my life. It makes me feel like I can achieve what I set my mind to and that I can share that with you without feeling embarrassed. That I'm more than I thought I was. That everyday I grow, and that every day is an adventure to finding out the next new thing about me - I love it.

No-one will work as hard for you as you will. And that's something I struggle to accept sometimes - that where I am now, with my blog, isn't because of anyone else, it's because of me. I've met the most amazing people (see above), I'm constantly inspired by them and others (see above), I have such wonderful people who read and watch and share and support me daily (yes YOU!) - and all these things contribute to amazing things happening, of course they do - but at the end of the day it's us, we create our own successes. 
Yes opportunities might come to you, but they only come from hard work and the knowing that you deserve them. With that being said, I can't believe that I've been able to work with some of my favourite brands - and that sometimes I'm lucky enough to be sent things to review, because said brands like what I create. And that sometimes I get paid to work with brands and even appear on TV ADVERTS and get to sign with an incredible management team who believe in me too, and I mean, I can't fathom it, it's insane - but it's insanely brilliant and I wouldn't change it for the world.

So, here's to another year. Another year of working stuff out, together. 

I don't know what the next chapter looks like, but I'm so glad that this book isn't over yet. That I feel happier and stronger than ever to keep on keeping on. 

Thank you, for being here with me - I know it's corny and sounds a bit naff, but I do really mean it. And sometimes it's difficult, to find the right words to say just how much Wonderful You means to me, how it's changed my life for the better and how having you guys there makes it what it is. Because is truly does, you make it the most special, you make it the place I always want to come back to. Because even on the darkest days, you lift me up and basically, that's the best birthday present anyone could wish for. 

So much love.

All of it.

To go along with the blog post, Alex and I created this video together - I hope you'll watch it. Initially we were just headed to the beach to shoot the photographs, but I thought it would be nice to have something to sit on all of my platforms to help celebrate today, and so we played around with some filming. Not only do I love the footage, but I think it gives a real time display of how much fun Alex and I have. I'm so grateful we get to work together - it never feels like work at all.

Photography and Cinematography by Alexandra Cameron. We shot this at Mersea, and isn't it the most beautiful location you've ever seen? I want to live in one of the beach huts.

Music by the super talented Jessie Moncrieff.



Jamie said...

Happy Blog Birthday! x

Ropes of Holland said...

Ok so, I'm crying and I love you xxxx

Sarah P said...

What a lovely post to read Megs, and you look incredible as usual - such beautiful photos <3 It's my blog's 4th birthday this month too and if I remember rightly, your blog was one of the first I found 4 years ago when I started out and I have been following ever since. It's been a privilege to watch you and your online presence grow and achieve amazing things during this time and I've no doubt there is much more yet to come. It's nice to see great things happening to the people that deserve them most. X

Megan said...

Love it, love it, love it! :)

Johnna LaFaith said...

This is so precious. Happy Blog Birthday! xx

Sophie Ruffell said...

Aww happy 4 years! Such beautiful photos and the words a truly inspiring. I love how far your blog has come and definitely excited to see what else you have lined up :)


Sara Chergui said...

These photos are so incredible !!!


Abigail Alice x said...

Congrats on four years! You have a beautiful blog <3

Abigail Alice x | Check out my Carli Bybel Giveaway!

chrizzia binas said...

Happy internet birthday Megan!!!! I've loved your blog ever since I've discovered it, and you inspire me in every post. But you inspire me the most because not only you worked your ass off to get to where you are now, but also you remained a really lovely person <3


Kelly Lund said...

Honestly SO happy for you and you could not have celebrated such a milestone in a more beautiful way...that's so beautifully you. I'm so glad that I discovered your blog. You're such a lovely person, thoroughly...inside and out. Your words are so kind and I sincerely wish you all the best as you embark on the journey of wherever the next four years take you.

xoxo - Kelly

Ashley Christabelle said...

Ah what a lovely post to read on a Tuesday morning. I've just followed you for over a month now maybe but I can tell how much this blog means to you and how much work you put into it. So all I can say is congratulations on 4 years of Wonderful You, and I hope to be here in the upcoming years! x


Emma said...

These photos and video are beautiful Megs! Congratulations on keeping your gorgeous blog running for 4 years, I've loved reading it <3

Emma xo // http://www.thewallflowerwardrobe.co.uk/

Emily Danson said...

This is such a beautiful and inspiring post. I have been blogging for nearly 3 years and haven't really gotten very far with it at all... I put it down to still being at school though and the huge competition from people whom spend the majority of their time on their blogs.
However, this post has made me realise that although unlike you I don't have the numbers, I have the friends and everything else that comes with blogging and I love that. I will definitely keep going and hopefully when I done with school, more of my energy will go into it!

Olivia Lynn said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL post and shoot! love these words and images. ps your blog is gorge too! LOVE! x

Isabelle Hardy said...

This is such a lovely post! The photos and video are beautiful. Happy blog birthday! x

Caroline said...

Happy Blogging Birthday!
Beautiful pictures, video and post, from a beautiful person.
You deserve all the success and happiness in the world and so much more.
keep staying true to yourself.


Moni017 said...

beautiful pictures!!

Megan Lillie said...

A beautiful set of photos to match a beautifully written post for a very beautiful lady! I'm so glad that you've stuck to blogging as you are awesome at it and I always look forward to your posts!

Megan xo
Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

Amelia Boswell said...

Your are nothing short of beautiful is no many ways.
your blog has helped me out so much, your personality and humour on your YT channel is infectious.
I'm so glad you've filled so may peoples lives with positivity.
can't wait for more beautiful content.
( i'll stop gushing now)
thank you

Willie Fordham said...

Wonderful post.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful pictures.

EMERgingstyle said...

I remember first coming across your Youtube channel a few years ago. And I recall we were both going through a breakup from long term partners at the same time. It's wonderful to see you in a much happier place and in such a loving relationship. We are in the same boat together. Now, after much debate...I have decided to finally face the fear and start my own blog and just not care what people think or say. They will talk regardless. Thank you so much for such wonderful, inspiring posts and I look forward to continuing to follow you on this journey. Much love, Emer X

Muhammad Azeem said...

You Are Best Thanks For This post its Really Helpfull For Me
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