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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


If there's one thing I love about the internet, it's the ability to discover things you may never knew existed. I'm talking making friends with likeminded people you could've waited years to meet - discovering brand new career paths or even something as simple as finding a clothing brand you feel was made for you**.

It may sound ridiculous, but I really do believe that the internet has played a huge part in me discovering who I am and who I want to be. I suppose a big part of that is being able to look back over these 4 years as it's all documented online, and I can quite clearly see the journey I've been on.

We live in a digital age, a time where what we say and do goes - we can have our opinions and share them freely with the rest of the world to see. It's taking that playground slang of 'it's a free country' to new extremes.

It gives us the ability to explore who we are. The ultimate opportunity to delve in to areas of our personality we might've known were there, but just didn't think we could show.

Before my blog, I would always cower in the shadows of others; watching their light shine brighter and just hoping that mine would one day switch on. I didn't actively seek out a happy life, I muddled through and hoped for the best; I'd never been a 'do-er.'..until the internet.

But what I want to talk about today, and a question I hear and see all of the time is: 

'How did you start a blog?' 

And for some reason, that really gets my goat. Isn't half the fun working that out for yourself? As the internet, digital and blogging world grows, apparently so does our greed. An insatiable hunger to be the best at what we do right now. There's no time for mistakes, there's no time for learning, we need it and we need it now.

But really, what I most enjoy about the internet, about my blog specifically, is the rollercoaster it takes me on. That there's no right or wrong way - it's just your way.

So here are a few examples, of why a journey of self discovery via the internet has been way more fun than being given all the answers - because SPOILER ALERT, no-one has them.

1.) Writing Style.
I knew from the off that I wanted to talk beauty and fashion. I started blogging because I discovered Zoella's blog - that's what she was talking about and I didn't really allow my brain to think too much about there being other options or topics to explore. I knew ~blogging~ sounded fun and so I jumped in feet first. 
Years down the line and the beauty topic is few and far between on my blog - personal style prevails and I've fallen in love with writing. I may not be a grade A English student, but developing my writing independently makes me really happy. 

2.) Branding. 
Lots of us have 'blogging block' - a time where we just can't think what the hell to write about. 
Since giving my blog a brand, I feel like that block rarely rears it's ugly head. I find myself creating pieces that will work with my websites layout, theme and aesthetic; quality over quantity - and that means content comes so much more naturally to me. I know financially it's not always possible to have exactly what you want right away, but working towards that is so rewarding. I worked my tooshie off to save for my initial website design by The Wonder Forest, and then I was lucky enough to meet Jamie and develop something totally bespoke. It's not something you know straight away, you develop an understanding for what you want over time - and it's so exciting. 

3.) Personal Style.
We're chameleons - each and every one of us. Just because we document what we wear online doesn't mean we have to fit a certain fashion bracket forever. As I grow older my style grows with me - when I was 18 I loved floaty dresses, long brown hair and statement earrings. Now I feel most comfortable in monochrome, sack-like clothing and with brightly coloured hair. Of course I'm not everyone's cup of tea, and readers I had back in 2012 I might not have now, but the beauty in it is that get to choose. I've learnt that there's room for all styles in the world and experimenting is so much fun. 
For the first time in my life, my blog has let me feel totally comfortable in my own style.

4.) Relationships. 
This could cover so many bases, but right now I'd like to talk about the relationship I have with myself. It kind of worries me sometimes that it's the internet that's taught me so much about myself - but yes, it's scarily true. My most popular posts are discussions about having my heartbroken, going for smear tests or building my body confidence - and they're also my favourite ones to write. I feel like at the beginning (and even now) I look to people online to help me work out how I feel. I'm insecure and self-doubting but I'm fearless, too. That second bit is a recent addition. I learned the hard way that you can only really rely on you - not in a bitter sense, just that, for me, I need to be a go-getter. I need to live the life I want to, kindly, but to not feel guilty for choosing happiness. I've learnt it's okay not to be okay, and that being real and true to myself is way more rewarding than just sharing a perfect life. And that sits heads and shoulders above anything else.

I'm trying my hand at public speaking for the first time ever this week, talking all things blogging to people who may know zilch about it (if you want to come, you can sign up here!) and I guess this post is inspired by that. I've been petrified that I'll fail, but looking back on this journey only makes me more certain I won't know until I try. None of us will.

So, for now, I owe you a big thank you, internet - for making anything possible.

I'd love to know about your journey through blogging (or simply the internet!) What have you learnt about yourself? How have you grown?

**I've discovered a brand that was made for me in House of Sunny**

Photography by COMB - who are just a little bit amazing. They're the place to go to find the best alternatives for the fashion pieces you desperately want, but can't find. Simply upload a snap of an outfit via their app and they'll find you what you're looking for!



Jamie said...

the Internet has brought you all of the good things 😏💛

Charlotte Lewis Lurchhoundloves said...

Your hair always looks so healthy and amazing! I am also a huge fan of HOS and that top is divine! xxx


Ashley Christabelle said...

Loved this post so much! The internet is amazing, and I'm so glad that you got to have a lot of benefits out of it. Btw, love the outfit so much. Your makeup is on fleeeeek, girrrl!


Aileen said...

I absolutely love love love this post Meg! and you look amazing!x


The Style Rawr said...

Oooh you absolute babe! You look beautiful here (those shoes!) and I love your writing style. I'd totally come support you if I lived a little closer to Northampton. You've totally got this.

T x

Lauren Maria said...

I love this post chick, nice to hear someone's positive experience of the internet you hear the bad all the time. I love that top too chick, the back is awesome

livinginaboxx | bloglovin

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