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Thursday, 14 April 2016


It's funny, in the year I've been with Jamie there's only been one photo of us on my blog - a selfie I took of us in Copenhagen.
Considering half my life is is lived on the internet you'd think I'd have handfuls of snaps to share. But I seem to have attracted a boyfriend who is allergic to the camera, or so he says...

If you're an avid Friends fan, you'll be familiar with Chandlers face whenever the camera comes out - basically, Jamie is his twin.
And so, when one of my dear friends Tami asked if I'd be interested in working on a post with Superdry..styling up my boyfriend, I said no before I'd even let her finish her sentence. I kind of shrugged it off as I knew Jamie's skin would crawl at the thought; not because he doesn't love what I do, but because he just hates the camera. It's one of the things I love about him - that he's so ruddy handsome (I'm biased), chiseled to perfection, yet he simply cannot see it. I mean, if my cheekbone game was as strong as his I'd have a mirror attached to my neck so I could constantly see my reflection.

Anyway, I asked him regardless just to see, and surprisingly, he said yes.

Picking clothes for Jamie is never an issue - I'm pretty lucky in the sense that we have very similar taste, in all of the things. Monochrome is the way forward for both of us and so when browsing the Superdry site it didn't take me long to pick out some pieces I knew he'd like and feel comfortable in. But if you'd like to buy your fella something new and aren't sure where to start, I find going back to basics is always best.

Idris Elba, the god that he is - has teamed up with Superdry to create a new range of tops (will his talents ever cease?) - and like all of his other creations, Mr Elba has done a smashing job. This top: is incredibly well made, with the softest fabric and most flattering fit - both Jamie and I insisted on stroking it repeatedly throughout the day. And paired with their black super skinny jeans, they've got Jamie's style down to a T. Both are really simplistic pieces, but they're wardrobe staples, clothing that you'll always need.
I would also definitely be lying if I said I wasn't majorly happy with the fact that the orange detailing on the jeans matched my hair. (it's the little things)


To be honest Superdry isn't somewhere I would've usually looked to shop for Jamie, but I'm so glad I did. Fantastic quality and stylish clothing for an affordable price - not to mention its meant that this cheeky chappy has finally made an appearance on my blog :-) Looks like we're all winners here!

 Photography by Alexandra Cameron

This post is in collaboration with Superdry. All views are my own, and to be honest, it's a pretty good view from where I'm standing ;-)



Jamie said...


Sarah P said...

Both looking fab. What a gorgeous pair! x

Sophie Ruffell said...

Aww such beautiful photos! Definitely very sweet. My boyfriend is the same always hides when the camera comes out or will offer to take the photo instead. Love the setting. Can't beat a good monochrome look either.


Sophie Blumenthal said...

AWWWWWW you guyssssss.


Lucy Carter said...

You guys look SO cute together. Beautiful couple xx

JaseyJade said...

Oh gorgeous photos!!!! I really like the effect that the orange flowers bring to the photos!
Jade xo

Elizabeth Sellers said...

He looks adorable! Love that outfit. My fiance is a big fan of monochrome.

DREW SIMON said...

how beautiful u guys look together amazing :)

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dave thomson said...

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