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Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Wake up and smell the roses.

Or in this case, the beautiful purple blooms. 

Settling in to a self-employed lifestyle has been one of the biggest challenges of 2016 for me. It’s not all instagram flatlays and clothing hauls, contrary to popular belief.

Right now, I think I might be the busiest I’ve ever been and the demand for content, on a super quick turnaround is higher than ever. As bloggers, we create (hopefully) amazing, inspiring, beautiful content; that’s why brands come to us, right? We deliver the goods because we know how to reach our audience and we do it well. I don't think we should feel ashamed to say that, either. 

I'm really proud of my little website and every time an opportunity for a project pops up in my inbox I get butterflies in my tummy and can’t contain the massive grin taking up the entirety of my face, I love what I do. But of late it’s been a little dampened by the fact that the timeframe to get it all done is inexplicably tight. Like there’s almost a little misunderstanding for how much time we need to get the work done to the best of our ability. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always incredibly grateful that I get to work with anyone in a professional sense on my blog - that I’m taken seriously enough to make this my job is, without doubt, a total honour. But it’s hard. It’s hard and it’s been getting me a little down.

And then I woke up today and realised. 

It’s me. I’m the one who needs to make the adjustment, not anyone else.

Manage my own expectations a little better. 

I need to be comfortable with the fact that sometimes I’ll be insanely busy. I’ll be pulled from pillar to post to meet deadlines and feel like a used dishcloth by the time I’m out the other side - But that when I’ve weathered the storm, and the sense of achievement for what I’ve created has washed over me, there will be the quiet. You know, that time where I always feel guilty for having an extra 30 minutes in bed, or taking some time out to see my nan; because: workworkwork. When actually, they’re the hours I should relish - allow myself down time and relaxation that’s 100% deserved because I busted my balls to make something amazing for the job I absolutely love.

I woke up and smelt the roses when I realised I could simply embrace the busy - I could open my arms to the chaos and that actually, it was within my control, not anyone else’s. 

I *want* to work on amazing things, heck I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t, and if that means that sometimes I feel pressure, well actually, that’s a bloody good thing. 

I didn’t do this for an easy life..

I did this to show the world, and myself, that I’m capable.

So here’s to riding that wave, and embracing every second.

Photography by West Creative.



Paige Calvert said...

Great post lovely!!
I would love to go full time but sadly I don't have the recognition.
You are doing amazingly well so keep it up xxxx

Ashley Christabelle said...

Such an inspiring post, love how honest you are about it too. x


La Coco Noire said...

I have so much respect for people who full-time blog for the sole reason that I know I wouldn't be able to do it! When I first began blogging I thought it was the most ideal job ever (getting paid to take photos of food and sharing them...uhhh heaven!) but as I started to read posts about the man hours it takes to maintain a full time blog...I realised I was very happy to remain blogging as a hobby and keep another career that really interests me too. I think I'd en up disliking my blog if I had to work day and night for it, I really like having it as a fun hobby.

So basically - good on you. You work so hard (and it REALLY shows in all your beautiful posts).

Katie xx ¦ La Coco Noire

Emyii Rankin said...

Wow, these pictures are beautiful =]


Sara Chergui said...

Love the outfit and the photos !


Olivia said...

Absolutely love this post, so inspiring! I'm proud of you and I'm happy to embrace the chaos of being a creative individual with you haha

Olivia x


Jen Horrocks said...

Great post, very inspiring. I've been following you since your awareness for smears videos, they helped me a lot!

Lauren Britton Loves said...

YES YES YES, I am so glad I'm reading posts at the moment that reflect my mood and make me feel darn good - I always felt guilty of time away, time off, time not spent working and I know I only do a fraction of what you and others are doing, but even I feel stressed and freaked out. WE are the reasons we work so well as bloggers and brands and WE have every opportunity to embrace time spent on and off the blog <3

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

Mervet Hafez said...

Yea! Get it girl!

Laura Rose said...

seriously loving the whole outfit! love a good polka dot and flatform trainer!

Rose and Weston x

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