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Friday, 29 July 2016


Frank Body - Original Coffee Scrub review

Frank Body - Original Coffee Scrub review

Frank Body - Original Coffee Scrub review

Frank Body - Original Coffee Scrub review

Summer is here and for once in the UK it actually feels like a staycation might not be such a bad thing. So if you’re jetting off to the chillax in the Maldives, or simply rocking it out in your parents caravan this summer, today’s blog post will have you covered.

Have your passports at the ready...we've got a oneway ticket to babe town.

The first half of 2016 has seen me jet setting all over the world, from Paris to Lanzarote, Croatia to Greece and Amsterdam to right now: home - and whilst its been an absolute blast, my skin has definitely seen the brunt of long working hours, dehydrating flights and the odd patch of pretty nasty sunburn. And when it comes to looking after your skin in the sun or when you’re on the go, there’s a lot more than just SPF to think about.

And so today, I want to talk about Exfoliation.

Somewhat a dirty word when it comes to the beauty world, but I’m here to set the record straight on exactly why we should be doing it and who we should be doing it with.

Frank BodyTheir scrubs are 100% natural and are made from…wait for it…Coffee.

But why?

When it’s freshly roasted and in its ground form coffee is a wonderful way to naturally exfoliate. It contains the same pH levels as our skin, which means it wont dry it out or leave it greasy. And lastly, its jam-packed with antioxidants so that it can join forces with your other skincare faves to buff away the badness and set your skin on the path to greatness.

Their limited edition travel pouch offers you four of their best scrubs in mini sizes, perfect for those of us that are on the go (or if you're wanting to try them out for the first time and aren't sure which one you'd like) - and weighing in at 50g each and with a resealable pouch, you can even whack these in your hand luggage too, no fuss.

So what’s inside this envelope of coffee goodness?

1x ORIGINAL: Where it all began, it wouldn’t be right to not include this bad boy. With roasted and ground coffee beans, a touch of brown sugar to buff away dead skin cells, coarse sea salt to cleanse your skin, cold-pressed sweet almond oil to leave it moisturised and orange essence to add a sweetness to the scent it’s literally divine.

1x PEPPERMINT: Freshen up and soothe tired muscles with robusta and green coffee beans, peppermint oil, sooting aloe vera, olive oil and native mint extract. Combined they’ll awaken your senses and leave you feeling refreshed, clean and ready for action.

1x CACAO: This one is antioxidant rich, with organic cacao extract to fight those nasty free radicals from doing any damage, cold-pressed almond oil to moisturise and soothing macadamia oil, brown sugar and sea salt that work as a natural antiseptic to cleanse your skin.

1x COCONUT: Sweet as a nut the coconut and grapeseed oils work to hydrate and smooth the skin, whilst the Jojoba beads and coconut flakes will help to soften. You'll be good enough to eat.
Frank Body - Original Coffee Scrub review

Frank Body - Original Coffee Scrub review

Frank Body - Original Coffee Scrub review

Frank Body - Original Coffee Scrub review

They're all the perfect holiday beauty staple - giving your skin the rejuvenation and care it deserves. There's no limit to how often you can use Frank (pah) either, just as much as your skin needs him, he'll be there - but to get the most from the products you want to follow a routine a little like this:

Scrub your body thoroughly, in circular motions - the idea is that you stimulate your blood flow - especially on more worrisome areas like cellulite or stretch marks; then let it dry before massaging your skin and scrubbing it off your body. The natural oil left over will give your skin the most even, sun-kissed glow you ever did see. 

It's literally been the perfect companion since I've returned from my travels and I can't wait to pack a pouch in my suitcase to take with me to my next stop: Portugal!

From someone who was once unsure about the benefits of exfoliating, I can tell you Frank has me converted. I know this product has been 'hyped' to the max, but trust me you don't want to let this one pass you by. The scent is absolutely sensational (even my boyfriend says so) and it not only gets rid of dead skin cells, it reveals a whole new, shiny body underneath. My skin has never been in such good condition and it's all down to one guy...thanks Frank!

Get your hands on the limited edition travel pouch here before they're gone!
Frank Body - Original Coffee Scrub review

This post is in collaboration with Frank Body, but all views are my own and BOY is this stuff good. 



LemonaidLies Blog said...

Love this post, The photos are fab! I have heard such good things about this scrub but I have actually never venture and tried any coffee scrubs may have to snap one up and try it out before I head to mexico.

Kenzie x

Steph Marston said...

I LOVE Frank body scrub! It smells really good and lasts for ages too as a little scrub goes a long way! Steph x

Jessie Glam said...

I love your hair ♥♥ I've also wanted to try these scrubs for the longest time, I think he coconut one would be nice x

Jessie Glam

Caroline said...

Great pics and weird but fab sounding product.
I must say, the thought of rubbing coffee all over my body doesn't fill me with excitement.. But you totally rock it!lol And I am a little curious.. :)


Elizabeth Rebecca said...

Great guide!


Hannah Lucy said...


Hannah | Oh January

Sara Chergui said...

I heard these are great ! Love your photos too !


Lucy Pilz said...

Frank body is literally the dreamiest body scrub. I cant stop stroking my arms after i use it! x

Hayley Rubery said...

I ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY LOVE Frank products! I discovered them about a month ago and I take the travel sized pouches away with me, now that I've used it there's nothing quite like it!

Hayley xo

Kayley West said...

Any coffee scented product will always be a winner, especially when it helps buff away dead skin!


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